Your success with our plants is what matters most to all of us at Milaeger’s. We have been growing plants for 60 years and we also grew from one greenhouse to over 90!

Our production houses are devoted to annuals of all sorts geraniums, specialty plants, bedding plants, vegetables, and hanging baskets. Milaeger’s also grows over 1200 varieties of perennials, and each year we seek our the finest new introductions in the plant industry and grow them for your gardening pleasure.

Because we are growing just for our own customers, our plants are not treated with growth regulators to keep them short for shipping. So, if you are wondering what our plants just seem to grow better, we think it amounts to superior varieties, no use of plant –stunting chemicals, and better growing practices.

In addition, our roses, trees, flowering shrubs, and evergreens are selected from the finest nurseries across the nation. We always choose the nursery that grows each variety better than their competition.

We hope you enjoy the new plant guides and find them useful in planning your own wonderful garden. We wish you much success in your garden, and we are confident that you can “Expect the Best”—as it says on our containers—when you buy our plants.

Milaeger’s Plant Guides are designed to acquaint you with what we have to offer each year. About 10% of our selections are new additions, and, of course, there are deletions each year, as well. Although we have fresh plants maturing weekly in our greenhouses, and large material, such as tropical and nursery stock arriving regularly, we cannot guarantee availability of a particular plant at a given point in time. It is best to call ahead and confirm availability if you are seeking a very specific plant.