Store Hours

Monday - Saturday:  9am - 7pm

Sunday:  9am - 5pm


The corporate office and growing facility are located at the Racine store.

Please note:  Holidays hours may vary.  Please contact us at 262-639-2040 for specific hours on holidays if not listed.


Racine Store

Map to location

4838 Douglas Avenue
Racine, WI 53402

Phone: 262-639-2040
Fax: 262-681-6192

Garden Store Manager
Dave Borowski at ext. 127 or email

Home Store Manager 
Philip Kading at ext. 114 or email

Sturtevant Store

Map to location

8717 Highway 11
Sturtevant, WI 53177

Phone: 262-886-2117
Fax: 262-886-5166

General Store Manager
Paul Sikorski email

Home Store Manager 
Bill Dean email


Racine Store Department Extensions

Clothing: ext. 209
Floral Design: ext. 118
Indoor Greenhouse: ext. 170 or email
Nursery Lot: ext. 176 or email (in season)
Annuals: ext. 177 or email (in season)
Perennials: ext. 167 or email (in season)
Roses: ext. 110 or email (in season)

Plant & Gardening Questions

Website & Specialty Ornament Questions

Racine Store - Nick Ceccato
262-639-2040 ext. 101
or email

The Landscape Office

Phone: 262-639-1238

Landscape Office Manager
Sherri at ext. 135 or email