In the event that you encounter a problem with your tree or with the lights, you can be confident that all of us at Milaeger’s will make every effort to rectify the situation to your complete satisfaction.

You will need proof of purchase in order for Milaeger’s to deal with any issue. Please keep your sales receipt and any other tree documentation you may have received in a safe place. If you are a Best Rewards member, we may have your purchase history in our system for the first five years. Warranties begin on the day of purchase.


Trees that are exclusive to Milaeger’s have a ten year warranty on tree parts, such as pole, branches, stand, etc. Milaeger’s will, at the company’s discretion, repair or replace any tree that is defective due to faulty workmanship, manufacturer’s defect, or defective parts. If the tree needs to be replaced but is no longer in production, a tree credit for the purchase price of the tree (without lights), prorated according to age of the tree, will be issued. This credit is only good towards another tree.

Trees that are sold at Milaeger’s that are not a Milaeger’s exclusive have various warranties offered by the importer. They generally range from two to seven years and require that the tree be returned. Save your register receipt as well as the warranty in the tree box. In an effort to eliminate the hassle of a return— which may occur at an inconvenient time during the Christmas season—Milaeger’s will make every effort to rectify the problem first, during the first three years.


Lights exclusive to Milaeger’s are rated to last a minimum of 3,000 hours. That means, with 50 days of lighting four hours per night, the lights should last fifteen years. If one light burns out, the rest should remain light; however, if one light goes out, the added energy to the remaining bulbs will diminish the life span of the remaining bulbs by 39%. It is critical that you are diligent about replacing burned out bulbs.

If a light set fails, please refer to “Troubleshooting Lights Guide” first or use the Lightkeeper Pro to fix the set. If the problem can’t be solved, Milaeger’s will fix or replace the set within the first two years or until December 31st of the second year. During that time, if Milaeger’s lit your tree, we will come to your home (or make other arrangements if distance is a factor) and repair/replace the lights. If the tree was lit by someone else, the lights will have the same warranty, but you will either need to bring the lights to the store or request a service call.

Milaeger’s Starlite Forever lights are rated 50,000 hours. This means that 50 days of lighting ten hours per day will provide a life span of 100 years. Although we have great expectations for this revolutionary LED set, we also realize that exceptions might happen. Milaeger’s will guarantee this set, including the splitters and adaptor, for five years. However, the repair service will follow the warranty of our incandescent lights—see paragraph above.

Some of our non-exclusive trees are lit with “always lit” lights. Most importers offer a two to five year warranty but generally request the tree parts be returned. It is generally easier to speak with a Milaeger’s associate to avoid this inconvenience. We strongly recommend allowing Milaeger’s to help with your problem. Regular lit trees have a one year warranty.


For tree repairs, you will need to bring the tree section to our Douglas Avenue location for evaluation. You can also have a Milaeger’s repair person make a service call. Generally, we can always remedy a tree problem. There will be a charge for repair labor.

For light repairs, you have three choices:

1. You can arrange and pay for a service call

2. You can bring the tree section that has the non-working lights to the Douglas Ave store, and we will repair them or replace them for a fee

3. You can remove the failed light set and bring it to the Douglas Ave location for repair or replacement for a fee.

For more information, please call us at 262-639-2040.