Milaeger's encourages group visits to our stores and greenhouses. Everyone - from a caravan of cars to a busload - is welcome. For many, Milaeger's is a shopping spree stop on their itinerary, and these visitors prefer to shop on their own. For others, particularly plant lovers often from Garden Clubs, the freedom to explore over 90 greenhouses is a rare treat. Again, visitors are allowed to tour our facilities unsupervised if they wish.

Some groups prefer a guided tour of our campus, including the outdoor plant areas and the greenhouses. In this case, a guide is provided who offers production information and a view of "plants in the making" such as the seeding machine and the transplanting line in season. Guided tours require a reservation and a $2 fee per person. For an additional $2.99 and up, each attendee will be able to purchase a small 2 inch plant. Please email Amy at

Groups desiring to have their meeting at Milaeger's are allowed to use our Seminar Room at no charge. We do require that you provide us with advance notice to insure that it does not coincide with a seminar or class already scheduled. Short talks or demonstrations by Milaeger's staff may be available for a fee to be arranged.