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The 2020 Winter line is here to spark the joy of Christmas! Santa’s, Drops, and cozy cups of snowmen are available to order here at Milaeger’s. This year’s line is studded with jewels and gorgeous vignettes depicting a variety of Christmas scenes!

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Spring is Here!!

The 2020 spring line has arrived! Dazzling eggs and drops are available to order here at Milaeger’s. This year’s line is filled to the brim with floral motifs that are sure to chase away the winter chill!

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Turquoise Christmas

Our Milaeger’s coloration has arrived! Each lovely turquoise piece seems to have stepped out of A Visit from St. Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore! This collection has it all: dreams of sugar plums, prancing reindeer and a hues like moonlight on fresh fallen snow!

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Milaeger's 2019 Patricia Breen Exclusive

Santa for Charlie

It was exactly nine months to the day after losing my grandpa, Dan Milaeger, our family patriarch, that we were blessed with a healthy baby boy, Charles Daniel Kading.  From the moment he was born, Charlie has always been a positive light in our lives.  What a blessing and comfort Charlie has always been to hold in my arms as I often feel that God knew the pain in my heart after the loss of my grandpa.  God knew it was too much to bear without having the hope of the birth of a happy sweet boy who would carry on the same love and loyalty for family as well as an appreciation for the garden.

I think Charlie was actually born with a smile on his face.  He always has an easy going attitude, and he’s ready for anything, particularly with family and friends.  Charlie’s laughter and sweet smile can melt anyone’s heart and bring joy to every child he meets.  He’s always been by my side to encourage and cheer me on, to help at Milaeger’s with planting jobs and working in the greenhouses with me.  The farmers market is a place where he really shines – he knows all the weekly vendors and what they provide, and he often helps customers locate various vendors and products.  As a parent, it’s a great delight to see him filled with excitement and energy running around the greenhouses!




Wherever we go, everyone knows Charlie!  In first grade, the entire school knew who he was, including the 8th graders who gave him high-fives down the school hallway.  And as he now enters 6th grade, he continues to connect with all the children, never forgetting the 1st graders and easing all their fears of being the youngest in a big school.  On vacation, he quickly learns everyone’s name and eagerly participates in every activity or challenge.  People cheer his name as we walk to the pool or compliment him on his abilities while volunteering to be on stage for the magic show.  And there’s even a bottle of tequila he won in the swimming contest that he’s  patiently waiting for us to open on his 21st birthday! 

Charlie’s empathy for others is his most remarkable personality trait, and I’m thankful that he is never afraid to be the first one to help or defend someone who is in a difficult situation.  If a classmate is having a hard time understanding a problem in school, or even if they need their pencil sharpened, Charlie is there to help.  If a child falls down during a basketball game (even an opponent), Charlie will stop dribbling and lend a hand to pull the boy back on his feet.  In baseball this summer, he is the one cheering the hardest for his friends and especially those who struggle when at bat.  He always offers encouraging words of how well they’re doing and gives them hope for the future.  With little children, Charlie often does a dance and makes goofy faces to dry a young child’s tears.  And when he sees I’m tired after a long day of work, he takes the dogs around the block so that I can relax for a bit.  Charlie is continually aware of the hurt and sadness in the world and quickly knows how to turn it around and make the world a brighter place.  He is a true gift from God, and we are forever thankful.


When you display this Santa, we hope that you are reminded of the special boy that Charlie is in our lives.  And, our hope is that there is a special person in your life that evokes the same joy and happiness in the memories that you share.  With each year, may you continue to treasure the fun times, the laughter, the compassion and kindness.  May you always be reminded of what the power of a smile can do in someone’s life – I don’t know what I would do without Charlie’s genuine smile!

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