Milaeger's has been a Select Retailer of Patricia Breen ornaments since the beginning! We carry the full line of ornaments, miniature sculptures and finials for each season and offer incredible customer service! Please email or call our Patricia Breen consultant, Rosemary, at any time for all your Patricia Breen questions.

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2019 Spring Exclusive Egg - Planted with Love!

Spring is on the way and we’re happy to brighten your day with this wonderful announcement of our spring exclusive, Planted with Love. This beautifully glittered egg has an image of a spring bunny standing in the tall grasses and he eagerly harvests the first carrot of the spring season. The carrot is healthy and vibrant and the greens spill over in his paw. The image is adorned with two jeweled carrots that wrap around each side. Click here to see the video and view the ornament in full detail.

Planted with Love is $185 retail and is available on a first come first serve basis. This ornament is in stock and ready to ship. As with all Milaeger exclusive ornaments, Planted with Love is non-refundable or exchangeable. We ask that you make your decision wisely in order to be fair to all collectors. Scroll down for larger image. Click here to order.

Happy Spring!



2019 Spring Exclusives!

We are pleased to announce three of our spring exclusives for 2019! The spring collection has been truly outstanding and we hope you are enjoying it as much as we have. The immaculate details, colorations, and crystals have truly amazed us all. Please note that all of our exclusive Patricia Breen ornaments are on a first come first serve basis and we do not allow any returns or exchanges on exclusive pieces.


Our first to debut is the Heartening ornament in our favorite color, turquoise! This extremely limited ornament is absolutely stunning in this coloration and we just love the crystal bow the heart is wrapped in. Price is $145 and will ship out as soon as the ornaments arrive in our warehouse. Larger image below. ORDER HERE




Our exclusive mini eggs are breathtaking.

The Perfect Cherries is a pink glittered egg with two cherries in the center. Silver and pink crystals frame out the cherries. Crystal blossoms, and jeweled leaves add to the sweetness of this egg. The cherries are completely crystalized in a gorgeous shade of red. We adore this mini egg because my grandma, Joan Milaeger, was from Door County, Wisconsin – the land of cherries! She always made the best cherry pie when we brought fresh cherries from Door County. This surprise mini egg retails for $65 and is very limited in quantity.  Larger image below.ORDER HERE



The Jeweled Clover is a beautiful spring mini egg. The sweet jeweled clover is in bloom with its thistle like flower that bows its head laded with pink and silver crystals. Retail is $65 and is also very limited in quantity. Larger image below. ORDER HERE





Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for all new 2019 videos! We will be doing videos and updates as ornaments arrive in our warehouse.



Don’t miss the arrival of our 2018 Commission Piece, the Quintessential Claus in turquoise! This was a late arrival last season and we did not send out a formal email announcing it. This beautiful Santa is in our favorite color and is so beautifully decorated and jeweled! The imagery is so well detailed with a white glittered Christmas tree decorated with silver and aqua crystals. Beautiful and uniquely wrapped presents eagerly await at the base of the tree. Santa is carrying another generous bundle of presents to fill the base of the tree. And notice the gorgeous shade of his deep rich turquoise coat! Our Santa holds an opened box in his left hand with two bottle brush trees in white and a Santa sculpture that carries a white decorated sack of presents. His right hand carries the crystal studded ribbon that wrapped the present originally. Quintessential Claus retails for $271. This ornament is in stock and can be shipped out immediately. Larger image below. ORDER HERE


We are off to a fabulous 2019! Thanks to all for your continued patronage and happy collecting!





2019 Spring Collection!

Spring has sprung! We welcome the arrival of the Spring Collection from Patricia Breen Designs for 2019! Catch all the details about the collection by watching our video!




Click here for the 2019 Spring Collection Order Form. You can order items online through our website or contact our Patricia Breen consultant, Rosemary, via email or phone (800)669-1229 x101. We will be adding new photos, videos and updates as the ornaments come in. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest information and see all the Patricia Breen ornaments up close and personal. For now, images can be viewed below (scroll down), on the official Patricia Breen website and on Patricia’s Pinterest page.



2019 Patricia Breen Portfolios are available to pre-order online or by email. The cost of the portfolio is $20 (no shipping/handling charge) and if you order before March 31st we will send you a special $20 gift card to use at any time on absolutely anything from Milaeger’s!


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The Quintessential Collection: Milaeger's Exclusives



The Quintessential Collection






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