Milaeger’s has developed an exciting fundraiser concept that will be easy and profitable for you. We call it “Milaeger Money”. It’s an ideal way for your organization to raise funds with minimal effort. Instead of a very limited number of product options like a typical fundraiser, your supporters will use their Milaeger Money to select from thousands of plants---annuals, hanging baskets, perennials, roses, and more---and there are no time restrictions.

Here’s how it works. You sell Milaeger Money to your supporters in denominations of $15.00, $25.00 or $50.00. Your organization keeps 17% of everything sold. For example, if you sell $100.00 in Milaeger Money, your organization keeps $17.00. If you sell $1,000.00 worth of Milaeger Money, you keep $170.00. Bring the funds to our Racine office and we will give you the Milaeger Money, which you distribute to your supporters.

Your supporters bring their Milaeger Money to either Milaeger’s store (Racine or Sturtevant) anytime and shop for plants. Your supporters should treat their Milaeger Money just as they do cash. And remember---Milaeger Money is good on living plants only.

The beauty of this fundraising concept is that it makes life easy for you and it gives your supporters maximum flexibility. Your supporters can use their Milaeger Money to buy whatever plants they want, whenever they want. For you---there is no need to take orders, no last minute changes, no products to distribute, and no mixed up orders. Just contact Cindi Lopez at Milaeger’s to sign up for the most innovative fundraiser in Southeast Wisconsin. Call Cindi at 262-639-2040 ext 158, or email, with any questions.

In addition to the “Plants Only” option described above, we offer an “Anything in Our Stores” option. It is essentially the same program, the differences being it offers 10% return to your organization and it can be used on everything in our stores. This option gives you the opportunity to sell all year. There is no minimum required.

Milaegers also offers a Poinsettia Fundraiser which is available during the Christmas season. For details on the Poinsettia Fundraising program, contact Ron Peterson, 262-639-2040 x120, or email