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Metabolism Makeover with MetaPWR

Monday, March 25th


Online Class

Are you looking for new ways to improve your metabolism? Do you suffer from brain fog, sleepless nights, stressful days, sagging skin, aching muscles and joints, or having trouble losing those stubborn pounds? We have the perfect natural solution for you! Join our online class and learn all about our new MetaPWR system that’s designed to take hold of your metabolism and give your body a complete reset so that you can start living again! Together, we will work on incorporating natural systems into your daily routine that will help support your energy levels, cognitive ability, restorative sleep, reduce inflammation, crush those sugar cravings and poor food choices, and have you feeling your absolute best in no time! Click below to register and to receive the zoom link and your free ebook “100 Ways to Use Essential Oils”. Be sure to tune in live for our class for your chance at our giveaways!


Metabolic Makeover Workshop

Monday, April 15th


Racine Store

Join us for a hands-on experience with essential oils! Discover how to naturally feel more energized, focused and in tune with your surroundings and family. We will discuss ways to implement simple steps into your daily routine as well as have you experience beneficial essential oils during the class. Enjoy discussions on better sleep, clarity and concentration, emotional support, and gut health. All-inclusive class is $10 plus tax and includes hands on education, wine, a chance to win door prizes, and an exclusive rollerball that you get to make during class! Pre-register in stores or online.


Natural Solutions for Energy and Emotional Balance

Monday, April 22nd


Online Class

This is a great online class for anyone looking for natural solutions for health and wellness that are effective and beneficial on so many levels. Join us from the comfort of your own home while you learn about the many benefits of using essential oils for every day concerns including stress and anxiety, pain and inflammation, digestion, sleep, energy and less fatigue, and many more. Click below to register and receive the zoom link and your free ebook “100 Ways to Use Essential Oils”. Be sure to tune in live for our class for your chance at our giveaways!

Natural Solutions for Summer Living Workshop

Monday, May 13th


Online Class

Being proactive about your health for summer wellness is key for staying healthy this season! Learn the best practices for immune support and wellness habits and routines that will help your family to stay healthy and feel great! We will discuss the best oils for energy, immune support, sleep, first aid, bug repellents, and for stress and anxiety. You will learn how to use oils in your home and enjoy some great DIY recipes! Click here to register and get the zoom link.

Wine and Wellness Essential Oils Workshop

Tuesday, May 28th


Racine Store

Join us for a fun evening of wine and wellness at Milaeger’s! Learn how to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine to support your immune system, manage stress and overwhelm, get restful sleep, and have energy and motivation to enjoy the summer months! We will also teach you our top oils for summer survival including natural pest control, staying cool, treating bug bites and bee sticks, car travel, and so much more! Cost of the class is $10 plus tax and includes sample packet, wine during the class, and we will be making a bug bite stick for you to take home that’s safe and effective for the whole family!

Aroma-yoga and Mimosas

Saturday, June 22nd

Saturday, July 20th

Saturday, August 24th


Racine Store

Come for a beautiful morning in the greenhouse for an all-levels flow yoga class with yoga instructor, Chloe Wright. Enjoy an essential oil experience before, during, and after the class. Learn how these natural tools can benefit our emotional health, our energy levels, restorative sleep, healthy joints and movement, and even your metabolism! Everyone will get to make a rollerball to take home. Cost of class is $20 plus tax and includes instruction, mimosas, a rollerball, and a chance for door prizes!

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