Soil, Mulches & Stone

Beautify your lawn and garden with soils, mulches and stones. Milaeger’s carry a vast selection for your projects. Call for pricing and availability 800-669-1229 or Click Here to see a few of the options we offer.

Soils: Milaeger's Mix Container Planting Mix, Black Gold Moisture Supreme Mix, Black Gold Natural/Organic Plus Fertilizer, Black Gold All Purpose Potting Mix, Miracle Grow Potting Moisture Supreme Potting Mix, Bumper Crop Soil Builder, Bumper Crop Organic Potting Soil, Black Gold Garden Compost, Peatland's Pride Composted Cow Manure/Humus, Peatland's Pride Mushroom Compost Soil/Humus, Peatland's Pride Organic Peatland's Pride Organic Top Soil, Fill Dirt, Leaf Compost, Topsoil, Black Gold Pea Moss.

Mulch: Naturescapes Deep Forest Brown Mulch, Natuescapes Sierra Red Mulch, Cypress Mulch, Absolute Red Pine Mulch, Cedar Mulch (Shredded), Shasta Chunk Bark Large (Cedar), Shasta Chunk Bark Medium (Cedar), Shasta Chunk Bark Small (Cedar), Brown Mulch Enviro Crushed Pallets, Red Mulch, Gold Mulch, Shredded Bark Mulch,Cocoa Bean Mulch.

Sand: Peatland's Pride Organic Playsand, White Sand, Mason Sand.

Sod/Straw: Straw-Bale, Sod.

Stone: White Marble, Tiffany Pink Rock, Western Sunset Rock, Red Volcanic Rock, River Pebbles, Grey Slate Rock, Large Pond Pebbles, Paver Base, Pea Gravel, Limestone, Heritage Blend Stone, Washed Stone, Crushed Brown Granite Stone, Limestone Chips, River Rock.

Fertilizer: Milorganite