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Our Tree Story

We have designed a special collection of almost real Christmas trees just for you.  Our trees have special features that you won't find anywhere else. All of our trees have more branch layers than typical trees. On most styles, the lowest branch layer is less than twelve inches from the floor.  We insist on heavier wire throughout the branches and tips, virtually eliminating branch droop due to ornament weight.

Each tree has a special silhouette, from extra wide to slim styles, ranging in height from four to fourteen feet. For each family of trees, we select special, realistic needles that won't crush. Most importantly, we hinge every tree so that lighting becomes a once-in-a-lifetime job.

After Christmas, separate the top, middle, and bottom sections, and fold up each section with all the lights still attached to the branches. Next year, put the sections together, unfold the tree, and plug in the lights.  After a little shaping, you can start decorating.

Finally, we guarantee savings and satisfaction. Our trees are sale priced for the season. No up-again down-again prices, just one fair price - about 33% below suggested retail price. We also do not factor in a shipping price in the cost of the tree and that's why we charge a shipping charge for all of our Christmas trees. And, if you have a problem, our trees are guaranteed against defects for ten years.

So, you can buy from Milaeger's with confidence that you're getting the best tree at the best price and that it will satisfy you for many, many years.

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Our Light Story
We think you deserve a light set that really works - not a useless, throwaway set that makes you mad. Our exclusive, professional 3,000 hour light set is designed to last fifteen years, and it has the brightest, longest last bulb available. Also, all of our colored sets have triple dipped bulbs for extra color brilliance. Our special set has 9 inch spacing between the bulbs - not the 3" or 4" spacing the cheap sets have. This feature allows you to light your tree easier and enables you to cover more distance on the tree. Designed for professional use, these sets come in poly bags for ease of use. Clear, multi-color, and seven solid colors, red, blue, pink, purple, green, gold, and yellow are available.

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Take a closer look at our custom Milaeger Exclusive designed trees...

Williamsburg Williamsburg

The inspiration for the Williamsburg came from an exquisite fresh Christmas tree in the lobby of the Williamsburg Inn in Williamsburg, Virginia. The tree had a magnificent presence with its multiple layers of broad branches - a perfect setting for a wonderful ornament selection.

We are pleased to offer the Williamsburg in four popular sizes. You will note that the trees are imported unlit and are lit in America at Milaeger's with our exclusive light set - the brightest, longest lasting miniature light set ever made. We have four lighting options: clear, clear with 20% multi, multi with 20% clear, and our seven color multi.

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Wisconsin Balsam Wisconsin Balsam

This needle most closely resembles a balsam fir - the traditional Christmas tree here in Wisconsin. In fact, at our stores, this family of trees is the one most often chosen by those making the transition from a fresh tree to an "almost real" tree. The needle color is a soft, olive green. Additionally, there is a very short, tan colored needle running along the inside of the branches that enhances the realism of the tree. Each branch tip has needles that taper to a softly sculptured tip. To achieve a realistic balsam look, we slightly reduced the number of needles running along the branch tips. This tree is made in America, requires one time assembly, and is completely hinged. It can be taken apart in two, three, or four sections, depending on tree size, and folded for easy storage. These trees come with a sturdy stand and have a full ten-year warranty.

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St. Nick Balsam Carolina Fraser
8' St. Nick

The 8' St. Nick was patterned after a tree in the yard of one of our customers whose name is Nick. The St. Nick branch layers get successively longer from the top to the bottom of the tree, but some of it has short branch layers alternating with the long branch layers, not unlike an unsheared tree found in nature. The key benefit here, in addition to the natural appearance, is the increased space for large ornaments.

This is our most popular silhouette for our custom trees, especially for ornament collectors. We can do this silhouette for you in any of our Milaeger trees.

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Carolina Fraser Carolina Fraser

We developed the Carolina Fraser Family in response to requests for a darker needle than the Wisconsin Balsam. The Fraser Silhouette on same tree sizes is identical to the Wisconsin Balsam. The needles are darker, and there is no visible natural tan where the needle joins the branch. There are more needles per inch on the branch tips, making the tree look slightly denser, a look which may not be quite as natural but for some is richer and more pleasing. All of the needles taper to a soft point at the end of the branch tip - a feature we call a sculptured tip. This tree is made in America, requires one-time assembly and is completely hinged. It can be taken apart in three or four sections and folded for easy storage. These trees come with a sturdy stand and have a full ten-year warranty.

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