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Milaeger's has been a Select Retailer of Patricia Breen ornaments since the beginning! We carry the full line of ornaments, miniature sculptures and finials for each season and offer incredible customer service! Please email or call our Patricia Breen consultant, Ann, at any time for all your Patricia Breen questions.  Click here to Order Online

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Premium Collector Rewards Program:
We are continuing our Premium Collector Rewards Program. You will receive your rewards after each required dollar amount has been fulfilled. The offer applies to your orders (spring and open line release) placed from Patricia Breen’s 2017 Collection. Click here for further details.

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for…..the complete Patricia Breen 2017 collection is officially here!!! You can view all details and information regarding the 2017 collection in our YouTube Video. You can officially download our complete 2017 order form or order the ornaments directly from our website. Please note that when you place your orders online, our website does a “test” to make sure that the credit card is not fraudulent, so there will be a pending charge for about three days and then it will drop off. We will charge your card as your ornaments arrive and we can ship to you, as usual.

The 2017 Collection is absolutely amazing – incredible details, unique designs, beautiful landscapes, and breathtaking creativity. We will update our website with photos and YouTube videos as soon as the ornaments arrive, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest and greatest Patricia Breen information! Please note that we have a 30 day return policy on all Patricia Breen ornaments and returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

We hope you are just as excited and pleased as we are with the 2017 Patricia Breen Collection. The stellar Santas are very enchanting, snowman are sweet, and the reflectors and orbs are extraordinary!

Thanks to all of you for your continued patronage and happy collecting.

           Milaeger's 2017 Exclusive - Santa for Sofie!


Dear Collectors,

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our Milaeger’s Exclusive Patricia Breen Commission Ornament for 2017. As part of our Milaeger Memories series, we have dedicated this ornament to Kara’s daughter, Sofie Kading.

Santa for Sofie is currently available in three unique versions. Each piece is 6.29 inches tall and retails for $260. Ornaments are available to order online or via email to Ann at These limited ornaments are on a first come, first serve basis.

You can view the video of this exclusive ornament and meet Sofie on our YouTube video by clicking here.


Version 1: Red This gorgeous red version features an array of whimsical toys hanging from Santa’s belt. A rocking horse, kite and real silver bells are featured prominently. Santa's coat is fully embellished with wintery snowflakes and silver crystals. He holds a fresh tree laden with snow and embellished with red and silver crystals. Santa’s brim, cuffs and the trim of his coat are covered in sparkly white glitter. Order here.

Version 2: Green  With his seed packets, watering can and gardening tools on his belt, this “Green” version of Santa has everything he needs to plant the perfect garden! Santa's coat is fully embellished with wintery snowflakes offset with sparkly red crystals. He holds a fresh tree laden with snow and embellished with red and green crystals. Santa’s brim, cuffs and trim of his coat are covered in shimmering white glitter. Order here.

Version 3: White Poinsettia  This elegant white version features a variety of hand-painted ornaments, Christmas stocking and a snowy jeweled wreath hanging from his belt. A gorgeous red poinsettia sits front and center. Green starbursts along his coat are decorated with red crystals. He holds a fresh tree laden with snow and embellished with red and green crystals. Santa’s brim, cuffs and trim of his coat are covered in sparkly red glitter. Order here.

We have few Red and Green versions in stock, so get your order in right away!! The rest will be coming from Poland soon! This exclusive collection is available only at Milaeger’s. We hope that each captivating ornament has a relevance for you and calls to mind a cherished memory as you hang it on your tree. We hope you experience many joys and blessings as you celebrate events important to your family.

Happy Collecting,

Kara Kading

Ann Kelso

Patricia Breen Consultant

(800)669–1229 ext. 101

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           Milaeger's 2017 Midnight Blue Exclusives!

We are elated to announce the arrival of two 2017 Milaeger exclusives from Patricia Breen Designs that are absolutely stunning! These ornaments are available on a first come, first serve basis. You can view the video of these ornaments on our YouTube page.

The first piece is the Grande Orb: Midnight. A gorgeous blue with embellished stars on the orb. The imagery is breathtaking with Santa gently lowering a gorgeous display of presents in the chimney. The chimney is snowcapped with iridescent glitter and sparkle. Retail for the Grand Orb Midnight is $245.

The second coordinating piece is the McDonnell Claus Midnight Blue who proudly carries and balances the beautifully and detailed wrapped presents to put under the tree. Note the detail of each ornament and design of the wrapped presents. The scene compliments the Grand Orb but with added silver crystals. Note the gorgeous detail on the back of Santa’s coat – it’s the swirls and whirls of Christmas magic in the air! Retail for McDonnell Claus Midnight Blue is $270.

Our Milaeger exclusives are available on a first come, first serve basis. There are no returns or exchanges on our exclusive pieces, so please consider wisely. Ornaments may be ordered online, by emailing our Patricia Breen Consultant, Ann Kelso, or calling our store at (800) 669 – 1229 ext 101.

Thank you so much for your loyal patronage! We wish all of you a happy colorful spring!

2017 Surprise Mini Eggs: 

We have two fabulous exclusive Surprise eggs from Patricia Breen for 2017 – our first is called 'Peep Show' and features a talented photographer bunny photographing the adorable chick that sits upon an embellished spring egg. The retail is $59 and quantities are limited, so don’t delay in ordering.  This surprise egg is only available through Milaeger’s. Click here to order.

Our second surprise egg features a bunny hard at work painting Easter eggs.  Maybe he works for the Patricia Breen Studio in Poland! This egg retails for $59, quantities are limited, and is only available through Milaeger’s. Click here to order.

Thank you to everyone who submitted names and took the time to vote in our exclusive surprise mini egg contest! All the votes have been tallied and 'Watercolor Whimsy' came out on top! A big congratulations is in order to K.T. for coming up with the winning name! The lucky winner received a FREE mini surprise egg!

  See some of our archived items still available:
             Milaeger's 2016 Exclusive - Santa for Elsa!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our Milaeger’s Exclusive Patricia Breen Commission Ornament for 2016. As part of our Milaeger Memories series, we have dedicated this ornament to our dearest Elsa Milaeger. Elsa married into our Milaeger family four years ago and has been such a delight and wonderful addition to our family. We are blessed to have Elsa and David Milaeger, Kevin’s son, part of the Milaeger business. Elsa works with David in the greenhouses, helps Dan Reisdorf in landscape design, works with development and set up for the Milaeger’s Great Lakes Farmers Market, helps create displays in the store, and overall can handle any task or event at hand at the store or in the greenhouses. Her fearless and positive attitude is truly admirable, and we are thankful to have her on the team at Milaeger’s and part of our family. Her beauty inside and out is positively radiant!

Santa for Elsa is currently available in five unique versions. Each piece is 6.4 inches tall and retails for $250. Ornaments are available to order online, on our website, or via email to Ann at You can view the video of this exclusive ornament and meet Elsa on our YouTube video by clicking here.

Santa for Elsa Sailboat, Winterberry, Red, Silver and Black Russian

 Milaeger's 2016 Exclusive - Ice Cream Parlor Egg!

We have a NEW Patricia Breen Milaeger Exclusive ornament for Spring 2016! Our stunning glittered portrait egg is studded with spring crystals and fine detail. Many of you may remember Dan, the Malt Man, at Patricia Breen events in years past. Dan (my dad) made famous malts during the events to keep everyone entertained and well-nourished during the long days at the store while Patricia Breen was doing signings and collectors were patiently waiting to see exclusive colourways and event pieces. This portrait egg honors Dan Reisdorf and his love and passion for his malts and ice cream. Did you know he owns over 100 antique ice cream scoops? So, here’s Dan in his special Spring Ice Cream Parlor serving a delighted young bunny girl (who could it be?!) with a delicious ice cream treat!

We are so elated that Patricia would think of us and design this exclusive ornament in Dan Reisdorf’s honor! This exclusive limited edition ornament is very limited in quantity and is available on a first come, first serve basis and retails for $180. You can order online or email Ann Kelso, our Patricia Breen consultant, at

 2016 Milaeger Exclusive Mini Eggs!

We welcome Spring with the debut of our two Milaeger exclusive mini eggs for 2016! The Patricia Breen mini egg collection this year is absolutely exquisite and the addition of these exclusive eggs are a must!

Our first egg is in honor of our Milaeger’s Great Lakes Farmers Market.  This adorable bunny has brought a fresh harvest of healthy cabbage and carrots from her farm to sell at the market. Our family named this exclusive egg “Carrot Cutie” and is available to order online or email our Patricia Breen consultant, Ann, at The retail is $59.

Our second exclusive miniature egg is incredibly detailed with an elegant bunny pulling a basket cart with a colorful assortment of eggs and a sweet fluffy chick that jumped on for the ride. The landscape is breathtaking with a beautiful wildflower garden filled with a colorful array of flowers ready to be picked for a spring bouquet. Available to order online or email our Patricia Breen consultant, Ann, at Retail is $59.

Congrats to Joan H. for coming up with the winning name 'Eggstra Special Ride' in our naming contest!

Patricia Breen – 2015 Turquoise Exclusive

We are elated to debut our brand new exclusive turquoise piece from Patricia Breen Designs! The La Neige Reflector is absolutely exquisite with incredible detail and embellishments. Be sure to watch our YouTube video for complete details and further description of this extremely limited exclusive piece.

This highly glittered reflector is laden with beautiful silver crystals and beautiful white flowers throughout the center orb. The silver twist makes it complete. A stunning ornament that is guaranteed to sparkle on your tree! La Neige retails for $200.

This exclusive highly limited ornament is available one time only! Order now online or through our Patricia Breen Consultant, Ann Kelso.

Patricia Breen – 2015 Halloween Exclusive

Milaeger’s has spooktacular news for you! We have a fabulous Patricia Breen Halloween exclusive that is now available! 

Look Up! Ghost version (B3533GH) has a finely glittered sparkling gold/yellow crescent moon. Our friendly ghost gently settles in on the base of the moon and is adorned with orange button crystals and a detailed orange ribbon. Four orange glittered stars decorate the crescent moon. This exclusive ornament is very limited in edition size and is available on a first come first serve basis. Retail is $175.

This ornament is perfect for your Halloween collection and will hang nicely in your spooky trees!

We hope that you have had the pleasure of working with our new Patricia Breen consultant, Ann Kelso! She accepted the position in July and has passed the test with flying colors! We have heard so much positive feedback and kind words about her professionalism, attention to detail, and sincerity when working with customers and collectors. Please be sure to wish her a warm welcome, tell her a little bit about yourself, and share your likes and loves of your favorite Patricia Breen ornaments! We are so blessed to have Ann on board with us!

Patricia Breen Commission Piece Milaeger Memories
                                 2015 Exclusive Santa for Kiwi

Santa for Kiwi - Turquoise

Pet lovers know that the adage “A dog is your best friend” is most definitely true. What a joy it is to come home and find your dog eagerly awaiting your arrival, greeting you by jumping up and down with incredible energy and enthusiasm--so happy that you are finally home. Dogs watch your every move, follow you wherever you go, and want to participate in all of your activities. They listen intently as you confide in them your deepest thoughts, concerns, and opinions. They sigh when you are frustrated; they jump when you’re joyful; and they sympathize with you and kiss your tears away. They truly are your best friend.

For fifteen years, I was blessed with an amazing friend, Kiwi, a Yorkshire terrier, who was born on December 7th, 2000. I fell in love with Kiwi and had to have him when I was a college student. He was a loving sweetheart from the beginning, a faithful companion and endless supporter of all my decisions. He came home with me when I graduated, moved into my first house with me, and gave me the “paws up” approval when I met my future husband, Philip. Kiwi has been with us through the birth of our three children and always welcomed the many changes and additions to our lives because he knew that I was happy. My dear friend Kiwi wanted to be there for every moment and never left my side.Kiwi, the dog. 

This past April, we had to make the difficult decision to put Kiwi down. I was able to say my goodbyes and gently kissed his face while he went to sleep. We brought Kiwi home and buried him in the backyard. A flowering crab tree is planted in honor of my dearest, most loyal companion, whose memory will be cherished forever.  

This year’s Milaeger Memories commission piece is dedicated to Kiwi and to all the faithful companions that have loved their masters so completely and unconditionally. It is our hope that these memorial ornaments will remind us of the happy memories we created with our beloved pets. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this exclusive ornament collection will be donated to The Humane Society of the United States to benefit animals in need. 

Santa for Kiwi is a full size Santa standing 6 inches tall. This classic Santa holds a decorated orb in his hands, each matching the specific coloration. Santa is elegant and majestic, with beautiful detail and embellishments. Click here for the You Tube video of the Exclusive Santa for Kiwi.

Santa for KiwiRed, Gold, Silver, Black Russian and White/Gold

2015 Spring Trio of Exclusives!

Milaeger’s is thrilled to announce the arrival of our exclusive Patricia Breen Spring Trio Collection. We are celebrating Spring here at Milaeger’s and couldn’t be more pleased with the level of detail and beauty of our exclusive limited edition collection. Please view our YouTube video for further detail and information. Click here to see the video!
Charles the Rabbit - Front  Charles the Rabbit - Back  Charles the Rabbit Finial - Front Charles the Rabbit Finial - Back Charles the Bunny Egg - Front

Charles the Bunny Ornament, Charles the Bunny Finial, Charles the Bunny Medium Egg
Our exclusive Patricia Breen 2014 Surprise Mini Eggs
Surprise Egg - Local Harvest BackSurprise Egg 1
Bunny Beacon and Local Harvest
Click to buy: Bunny Beacon
Click to buy: Local Harvest

Click here to see the video about the Milaeger history associated with each egg.

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