The Magic of St. Nicholas Eve
St. Nicholas Eve (December 5) is approaching fast. It’s my favorite night of the year, when Christmas is a few short weeks away and anticipation is building. As a kid, I remember hanging up our stockings on the fireplace---it was such a big deal, and it’s still a big deal for me. Now we have our son and his family over for the evening. I can’t wait to watch grand-daughter Lucy when she sees the big tree for the first time. For dinner, I’ll be making borscht, serving it with sour cream and pumpernickel bread. My grandpa Milaeger always called pumpernickel “bear bread,” but we never found out why---maybe one of you would have a clue. Borscht is a newer tradition for me, but it has already become something I look forward to. Hot soup on a cold winter night is just the thing. To complete the evening, I’ll turn on the fireplace, and our polydactyl cat Ajax may even make an appearance. (He thinks Lucy is a little noisy.)
I always have the main tree up by St. Nicholas night. It has a rotating stand, which is mesmerizing for any tree, with the bright lights and colorful ornaments. It’s kind of like a fire in the fireplace---you have a hard time looking away. We will have a hard time keeping Lucy away from the beautiful baubles on the tree---but I am prepared for a few losses.
Of course, music is a big part of Christmas, which brings me to the subject of music themed ornaments. Bells are plentiful. I think they are relatively easy to make, and they are less subject to breakage than some of the more complicated ornaments. We also have some stringed instruments, horns, and drums to complete the ensemble. We hope you find something that appeals to you----or maybe as a gift for a musical friend. Along with the musical ornaments, we have a nice collection of American-made stencil ornaments. These are in a variety of colors, the most common being the red, white, and blue combination. Some have images, and some have words and images. All are delightful. Scroll down for more images.
After St. Nicholas dinner, the little gifts in the Christmas stockings will be opened, mostly by Lucy. Last year, in an online auction, I was able to find a vintage stocking with her name already on it, in perfect shape. How lucky could I get? In our stores we have our best ever collection of Christmas stockings, so if you are running late and completely forgot about St. Nicholas, you know where you can find one that will truly be treasured.
Please email me if you have any questions or comments. If you are interested in purchasing ornaments pictured in this blog, please contact Rosemary, who handles mail order sales, at 262.693.2040 x101 or info@milaegers.com.




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