Milaeger's is eager to help churches and other non-profit organizations  with various fundraising projects. While we are always receptive to new proposals, our current offerings are the following:

Plant Sales
Since we are growers, Milaeger's can offer quality plants for any season for organizations and clubs to sell as a fundraiser. We suggest poinsettias, geraniums, hanging baskets, or fall mums. However, the possibilities are limitless. Generally, the fundraising group pre-sells the product and gives us a total order count at the end of the sale. Milaeger's delivers the plant material on a specified date, and the organization then distributes the plants to their customers. The operation is quick and easy and always profitable.


Ron Peterson Ron Peterson, our head grower, is the contact person for fundraisers.

He can be reached at or 262-639-2040 ext. 168.


Milaeger Money Sales
Another popular fundraiser is the selling of Milaeger Gift Certificates. Milaeger's offers two options.

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  1. Certificates for plant material that we grow, such as bedding plants, geraniums and specialty plants, hanging baskets, vegetables, perennials, mums, and poinsettias will net a 17% profit to the organization.
  2. Certificates for unspecified products that include gifts, apparel, footwear, garden accessories, as well as plant material will net a 10% profit to the organization.

Details and options for this program are available from our coordinator Cindi Lopez at or 262-639-2040 ext. 158.